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Advantages of NexGen Portable Staging System

When you set portable staging system during your event, you will be dependent on the surface of the site. That can be a lawn, pavement, asphalt or even concrete. With NexGen portable staging equipment your concert is guaranteed to be successful. That’s why you can rent or buy a lot of stage elements in various sizes. The stage can be equipped with a stage skirt, stage staircase, safety rails, carpet tiles and a disaster. If you want to rent stage parts, you can choose from the following heights: 20/40/60/80/100 cm.

The black rear wall of outdoor stage gives a professional appearance. In addition, it ensures that it is clearly visible what is happening on the stage. On a stage higher than 60 cm, it is mandatory to place backrests on the rear and 3/4 of the sides.

Advantages of NexGen Portable Staging System

Portable Staging Pipe & Drape

You can use Portable Staging Pipe and Drape to get rid of ugly walls. If you want to organize a party in a business area or cafeteria, this space is often too big or has no atmosphere. The way to make a room attractive is to use white pipes and drapes and enlighten them with LED lighting.

Applications of Portable Staging Pipe & Drape

  • Preventing from outside incidence
  • Temporary storage during your event.
  • To make the right size of the party space.
  • Remove walls, windows, equipment and cables from sight.
  • To create the right atmosphere create any conceivable space and size.

Pipe and Drape is also the solution for reducing or dressing party rooms. You can use Pipe and Drape to divide your business space into the base. Using Portable Staging Pipes and Drapes, you can create a space with dimensions tailored to the size of the company. Mostly the curtains are available in white or black, depending on your stage layout requirements.

Border stands with pipes & drapes

Pipe & drapes can be used as shielding of an exhibition stand. But with truss and backdrops, you can make even more robust construction where the lighting and  TV screens can be mounted for your advertising message. Pipe & drape is available in different heights and colors, also, the lighting of the pipe and drape with LED lighting can provide a surprising appearance.

Advantages of NexGen Portable Staging System

  • Simple and quick to install and disassemble.
  • A perfect and easy platform joining system due to quick-fit inserts that are firmly tied together and perfectly leveled.
  • Extremely durable even with frequent and prolonged use
  • Large, well-adhered plastic feet used to protect the floor
  • The aesthetic appearance of all elements combined with their robustness and longevity result of careful workmanship to the smallest detail
  • A small storage area due to one of the lowest market frameworks with a height of 8cm
  • Aluminum profiles on the edges of the platforms to provide protection against damage to the wooden edges
  • Strong woodentops “rigidly” from the side of the frame to eliminate noisy loops and warping of the wood while allowing for the quick exchange of plates eg for theatrical purposes in theaters
  • Extremely strong aluminum side profiles for quick connection of portable stage platforms and mounting of additional equipment: stairs, masking plates, handrails, ramps, etc.
  • Made of twisted cast aluminum profiles, which makes complex stage constructions rigid and stable even on uneven ground
  • In case of damage to the platform, its twisted structure allows for simple and quick repair eg by replacing the damaged element: frame, corner or plate
  • No additional transverse or longitudinal frame reinforcement
  • All types of platforms are compatible and can be combined
  • Accessories: stairs, rails, chair blocking strips and blends are mostly universal and can be used for any type of platform
  • Testing of a capacity of 500 or 750 kg/m2 (depending on model)
  • Static tests/calculations with a capacity of 750kg / m2, allowing for construction of up to 4m
  • Fireproof for use in plywood non-slip plywood which is used as a filling of aluminum platforms used as portable stage systems, stages, stands, stands and pods
  • Possibility to install in different combinations
  • Practically all shapes, sizes, heights and types of finishes on offer

The NexGen Portable Staging system produced by Portablestage.co.uk is professional stage platforms designed for the entertainment industry.

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